Automation Technician

Company: ITW Automotive
Job type: Full-time

Job Description
To ensure the proper installation, configuration, operation, maintenance, programming and qualification of ITW Drawforms computer-controlled systems and robotic devices while also troubleshooting any issues that might occur. Knowledge of PLCs, controls, pneumatics, mechanical actuators and computers are used to maintain and repair automation equipment.
* Assist engineering and plant staff with the specification, installation and modification of systems.
* Inspect and review manufacturing equipment installations for design and troubleshooting purposes.
* Ensure machines are properly calibrated.
* Perform routine, preventative maintenance on equipment including mechanical & electrical.
* Assess the condition of the device through documentation, inspection and testing in order to maintain the devices performance and determine the need for any repairs.
* Troubleshoot non-functioning components including servos, sensors, conveyance systems, and control components to maintain proper functionality of the equipment.
* Maintain washer system as needed.
* Log equipment usage, parts replacement, and scheduled maintenance to ensure maximum functionality.
* Periodically report to leadership regarding automation capabilities and equipment status.
* Maintain applicable knowledge of all essential automation functions.
* Assist in acquiring and maintaining essential and consumable maintenance supplies and inventories.
* Assist other maintenance personnel with their duties as directed.
* Operate all equipment safely.
* Perform other duties as directed or assigned

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