Machine Operator 1st Shift

Company: Cornerstone Building Brands
Job type: Full-time

Job Description
Base Pay: $22.00 per hour
1st Shift: Monday-Friday, 7 am-3 pm
Benefits Start Day 1
On Demand Pay (Access to Your Pay When You Need It)
You are eligible to receive additional quarterly incentives tied to operational performance
The Production Associate 4 (PA4) is a training position through which Associates may advance to the Production Associate 5 (PA5) position.  Through this training position, associates will learn to operate extrusion lines and produce vinyl siding products and accessories: ensuring that extruder outputs are consistent with product specifications and that quality assurance standards are maintained by inspecting finished product for consistency.
Associates must be in the PA4 position for a minimum of 6 months and be able to pass proficiency tests to be eligible for promotion to the PA5 position. Associates that are unable to pass the proficiency tests for the PA4 position within a 12 month period will be demoted back to the position held prior to becoming an PA4.
Associate must learn to verify operational status of all equipment on assigned line according to start-up check list
Maintain extruder and all peripheral line equipment settings (embosser, sterlco, dies, MRF, etc.) to produce outputs that are consistent with product specifications
Perform Quality Assurance responsibilities that include conducting a variety of tests on finished product to determine product quality within an established range of performance
Notify Supervisory personnel of deviations for prompt and accurate correction(s)
Communicate with Maintenance Department and Manufacturing Shift Supervisor about machine malfunctions
Learn to Assist Production Associate 5 with troubleshooting operational problems and adjust equipment to maintain consistency on the extrusion lines; inform QA Technician and Manufacturing Shift Supervisor(s) of problems or inefficiencies that cannot be corrected
Learn to Assist with extruder machine output changeovers (e.g., embossing drums, die sets) during the shift
Learn to conduct a variety of line/panel checks to determine product consistency, including panel thickness, width, length, radius, hook, nail hems, perforation, and weep holes
Perform housekeeping duties as needed such as clean up of water spills, knock-out build up in MRF cutter, and knock-out bins; maintain cleanliness of extrusion line and surrounding work area
Monitor Production Associate 1s, 2s and 3s (Inspector/Packer) to ensure consistency and quality of product packed and application of proper packing techniques
Relieve line PA1s, PA2s and PA3s for breaks
Develop communication skills so knowledge can be shared with previous and following shifts’ Production Associates about product quality, problems, and status of work in progress
Complete accurately and legibly all extrusion and quality assurance related paperwork (e.g. operational reports)
Refer to Production Schedule for color of product, product number and quantity to be produced
Locate Quality Assurance Specification from Lab to adhere to specifications for appropriate product
Perform all quality assurance checks according to schedule on Operational Report
Punch time clock before and after shift to record time worked
Observe health and safety practices at all times
Accurately performs pre-start checks, including verifying all equipment is ready for start-up
Perform other related duties and assignments as required
Maintain supplies at workstation
Communicate with Material Handler(s) to move full warehouse racks
Aid with training of new personnel in extrusion and quality assurance areas  Assist with training of temporaries and new hires in Production Associate 1, 2, and 3 positions
Floats to relieve Production Associate 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s for breaks
Attend weekly shift meetings and monthly All Hands Forum, if required
Actively participate in all plant safety programs, depending on location
Notify Supervisor if proper tools are not furnished to complete job functions
Assist with production equipment maintenance

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