IIS Systems Admin

Company: Request Technology - Kyle Honn
Job type: Full-time
USD 100,000 - USD 120,000 / Year

* Act as SME for IIS system administration and support for Company's E-commerce web and Intranet applications.
* Perform in-depth technical root cause analysis for high priority issues within IIS.
* Collaborate with infrastructure and application development teams to ensure optimal performance for IIS related websites.
* Provide tuning recommendations to resolve complex performance issues (response time, throughput, etc.).
* Manage web services, 3rd party SSL certificates and general server configurations, including installing patches and web server security.
* Provide long-term performance improvements and capacity planning recommendations.
* Provide input and insight to the architecture and build process for setting up and configuring web services.
* Plan and implement upgrades and migration strategies for IIS.
* Assist in performing periodic recovery testing of DR plans.
* Set standards for the configurations of new applications.
* Assist with automating and improving the application release process.
* Assist in continuous integration and deployment pipeline setup and configuration.
* Mentor other team members on IIS configuration and architecture best practices.
* Bachelor's degree in a technical field.
* 5+ years experience in IIS administration, installation and configuration.
* In-depth knowledge of troubleshooting tools like Dynatrace, IIS Tracer, Debug Diagnostics and Log Parser.
* Experience with IIS log analysis.
* Strong understanding of Windows Server 2008/2012, load balancers, general networking and Firewall concepts.
* Knowledge of DevOps principles and practices.
* Experience with website performance tuning, monitoring and vulnerability management.
* Excellent problem solving, communication and critical thinking skills.
* Experience with general Windows Server administration tasks.
* Experience designing and architecting web Servers, which includes clustering and/or load balancing technologies.
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