Retail Floor Leader - Metro Center

Company: Skechers
Job type: Part-time

Job Description
Our Floor Leaders could also be known as the store's MVPs!  They serve as experts in our stores, driving operational and sales performance and ensuring a top-notch experience for our guests.  Well-versed in our product routines, these key players ensure the store looks award-winning every day.  While not a management position, the Floor Leader does hold keys  to the store and performs opening or closing duties as assigned and is a mentor to other associates looking to grow their careers in retail.  
-Conducts opening and closing operational routines as needed, ensuring a successful start or completion of the store's daily business.  
-Executes detailed, comprehensive stock and product management routines, including processing shipment and completing markdowns, merchandising, replenishment and fulfilling online orders.
-Welcomes guests and assists with finding their perfect pair, accessories or apparel. 
-Keeps an overview to daily operations and troubleshoots any concerns with transactions and store routines.  

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