Software Engineer Senior

Company: Request Technology - Kyle Honn
Job type: Full-time
Salary: USD 150,000 / Year

Software Engineer Sr.


  • Document and demonstrate solutions by developing flowcharts, layouts, charts, diagrams, code comments and clear code.
  • Develop robust and high performance SDN and NOS controller in SDLC.
  • Be actively involved in technical discussion/presentation and provide input to other teams.


  • Bachelor's degree in CS or Electrical Engineering, Master's degree preferred.
  • 7+ years experience with C in an Embedded Lunix network industry.
  • Knowledge of Netconf/Yang and Openflow or other SDN management protocols.
  • 3+ years experience in SDN related software development.
  • Solid experience with optical network devices (ROADM, WDM, Amplifier, etc.).
  • Proficiency in Mandarin.
  • Expertise in as many languages as possible (C, C++, Python, Bash, Java, etc.).

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