Director of \delivery

Company: Invisible Technologies
Job type: Contract
Salary: USD 20,000 / Year
Industry: Information Technology

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What is Invisible?

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Who are we?

We are Invisible’s Technologies Team. We solve problems at scale so they never happen again. At our best, we solve problems before they happen. How?

We Believe That

-- Invisible is a world-changing company and the Technologies Team is responsible for creating the systems that will launch Invisible into the stratosphere

-- Exponential gains from systems > Short term linear work > Systems for system's sake

-- Consistent feedback is key - we are addicted to learning and getting better

-- What one of us knows, all of us should know

-- Every new mistake is a learning opportunity

Because of these beliefs, we’ve built a team where

-- Distributed approaches and centralized intelligence merge. Each teammate is constantly innovating and trying something new. Every mistake is prevented by all. Every success is learned by all.

-- Each of us contains the sum of the knowledge, intelligence, and creativity of our entire team.

-- We evolve and mutate constantly like an organism, identifying successful and problematic tactics and incorporating ideas from any source.

Who We Want

-- Trainers who love to teach and create training material. Fast.

-- Polymaths and independent thinkers

-- Someone who is unlike anyone else on the team


What does it mean to be the Director of Delivery?



The right “Directory of Delivery” doesn’t need this job description, and won’t wake up in the morning with the thought “I am the Directory of Delivery at Invisible,” but with the thought: “Have we taken over the world yet?” The right person already called me, and told me these words:


You should hire me because I will build and lead an elite army of agents to deliver any possible request our clients can have, with the desired outcomes and at ever increasing speeds. Without me, you will never become better, faster, and cheaper. Without me, you will lack the proper project management and coordination systems to deliver the complexity and quantity of work that is needed for you to succeed. Without me, your agents won’t see what it’s like to be lead by an Achilles and Agamemnon. You need me as your thinker and as your warrior, to strategize and to fight.


I will lead each of our agents. Not only will they deliver their work, but they will also upgrade themselves. I will lead them to promote their skills to greater responsibilities. I will help them improve their own lives, through preaching Invisible’s principles in my words and actions. I will lead them until one of them replaces me.


I will be your Agamemnon, managing our agents as an organized army. I will develop a flexible capacity management system that will ensure we can deliver any type of work, any time, with the least amount of inefficiency. I will create a decentralized reporting system of lieutenants, to ensure every agent has a team, is being given quality feedback, and never goes rogue.


Invisible, driven through me, will be the embodiment of competence. Clear estimates will be set for every project and deadlines will be met or exceeded consistently. Proactivity will be my paradigm and I will develop my team to take the initiative at every opportunity. I will reward competence by enforcing a meritocracy that ties position to performance.


Invisible will deliver every task better, faster, and cheaper than the last task. Delivery of tasks will match or exceed client expectations. The speed at which our agents complete tasks will increase as they become more refined. We will break down and streamline our projects into processes so that the skill needed to complete the becomes less, and the price for clients becomes cheaper. I will personally hold myself responsible for the delivery of all tasks — the buck stops with me.


I will take the concept of project management to the next level, organizing every possible piece of a task into a finely tuned structure. I will ensure no task falls through the crack, no balls are dropped, and every stone is in its place. Every task will have a responsible party, an estimation, a deadline, the proper resources allocated and will be visible to anyone that needs to see it. I will develop dashboards for myself, my agents, and my managers to know the status of every person, every task, and every project, in real time.


I will inspire our agents and fellow partners. I will share my vision of Invisible with every agent in my ranks. Any victory of mine is a victory for Invisible and a victory for my agents. Likewise, any pain felt by agents, is felt by me. Where there is a will, there's a way. I will show agents that will, and lead them on that way.


I will be your Achilles, fighting on the frontlines, in the trenches, and on the open field. I will lead from the front. I will know what it is like to bleed, to stay up for hours and hours to complete a mission, to work day in and day out for results. The only way I will survive is if I improve, and so, I will push myself to my limits, striving to be a better me.


To lead men and women. To manage an army. To embody competence. To deliver. To organize. To inspire hearts and minds. To fight with grit.

These are your responsibilities.



As Directory of Delivery, you are the “CEO of Delivery”.

You will report to Kamron (VP of Operations).

You will self-report so that you can spend more of your time innovating, leading, and deciding.

You will have several direct reports.

Ovi Hentea, who is currently in charge of the Delivery and Organization of our Data Set tasks — this is a majority of our work.

Reporting to them, and in turn, to you, are over 100 operators, the agents on the frontline.

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