Marketing Content Creator

Company: Fud
Job type: Full-time

Are you a passionate and creative individual with an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you have a knack for creating engaging yet informational content? If so, we want to talk to you! We are looking for a Marketing Content Creator to join our thriving community. As a Marketing Content Creator, you should deeply understand trends in the space and have experience in creating quality, informational, and engaging short-form video content.
Upload short-form video content inside the Fud Community.
Create "mini" courses that are informational, engaging, and helpful to beginner hustlers.
Have a passion for the following topics: Gig Economy — like DoorDash, Uber, or Lyft
Creator Economy — YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram
Online Business — including blogging, podcasting, and online courses
Freelancing and Consulting — social media marketing, graphic design, and more
E-Commerce — including Amazon, Shopify, and your own online store
Reselling and Thrifting — including eBay, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, and others
Self-Publishing — including Kindle Direct Publishing and Canva
Local Services — including cleaning, knife sharpening, notary services, pet waste removal, and more
A willingness to share know-how through video.
An abundance mindset
An entrepreneurial spirit
High level of initiative and positive approach
Ability to follow trends and understand the type of content that drives engagement
Drive and ambition
Entrepreneurial spirit
Work from anywhere and set your hours.
Discover how to make money from your expertise/know-how.
Find a community of like-minded hard-working solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.
Hustle as little or as much as you want with flexible hours!

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