UI Developer

Company: Two95 International Inc.
Job type: Contract

Title: UI Developer
Location: San Francisco, CA
Job Type: Long Term Contract
Pay Rate: $Open/hr.
Key Qualifications
* Strong Experience on react.js, FTL and Advance JS.
* You have at least 8+ years of professional software development experience with front-end web development (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and AJAX and Node.js).
* You understand source version control software and package managers (SVN, Git, and NPM).
* You are well versed in fundamental visual and interactive design discipline.
* You strive to use web standards to build solutions using semantic markup, templates (Handlebars), and Sass.
* You understand all major browsers and the special considerations required.
* You are a competent JavaScript programmer who doesn't need to rely on libraries to accomplish innovative interactions.
* You understand the interplay between JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and you can dynamically build, modify, and style elements on a page with ease.
* You are knowledgeable about front-end build tools such as gulp, webpack, and Sass. Experience with WebGL is a plus.
* You are comfortable working within tight deadlines to solve critical issues.
* You are a strong oral and written communicator with good interpersonal skills who can use varying levels of technical knowledge to forge trusting relationships in a diverse team and across organizations.
* You are willing to take the initiative to solve problems.
* You have shown experience building responsive or mobile-first sites.
* You have experience with localization.
* Contribute to existing JavaScript libraries used on a wide scale.
Note: If interested please send your updated resume to and include your salary requirement along with your contact details with a suitable time when we can reach you. If you know of anyone in your sphere of contacts, who would be a perfect match for this job then, we would appreciate if you can forward this posting to them with a copy to us.
We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest!

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