Marketing & Sales Intern - Karm

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Job type: Temporary

About Us
Karm is a healthcare platform focused on improving the patient experience. Healthcare is consistently late to adopt new technology but Karm envisions a future bringing together not only telehealth but AR for a nurse in the home with a patient, VR allowing a doctor to feel like they are in home with a patient and AI to pull all the data together to remove busy work for healthcare providers.
In 2019 we are estimated to have spent $3.6 trillion on healthcare in the US. Karm believes this is because using healthcare early is too costly and troublesome than hoping nothing bad happens resulting in disasters for people especially those with lower income. By improving the experience and the cost Karm wants to bring more people into the healthcare system early reducing long term overall spending.
Karm is a pre-seed company looking for healthcare providers to pilot our MVP. We sent out our first customer proposal yesterday and as I type this have no revenue, zero funding and if that excites you for some weird reason, I would love to meet you.
Duties and responsibilities
Karm is a company of 1 with others helping here and there. With that in mind you will have a seat at the table to provide your ideas for where we go. I have my own, but each of us have our own experiences and I like to see things from other point of views. I want your ideas and a willingness to figure out solutions if you dont know them right away.
Marketing & Sales We need someone with drive and a passion to connect with people to solve complex real-world problems. Healthcare providers are often not quick to adopt new technology, but we need your help to craft the Karm messaging and test it to see what resonates. You will need the grit and dedication to hear a lot of nos before finding someone who wants to learn more. This could include;
* Researching the healthcare market including customer interviews with potential patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies
* Defining our marketing strategy from those interviews or other input
* Executing on the marketing strategy with potential patients, providers and payers
* Cold calling healthcare providers; doctors, hospitals, nurse staffing companies to get our foot in the door to discuss the Karm MVP

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