Sr. Platform Engineer

Company: Vivint, Inc.
Job type: Full-time

The Role:
We are seeking a skilled and experienced platform engineer who can help us develop and maintain our backend infrastructure to enable customer-facing mobile applications powered by Vivint's Smart Home devices. Were a fast-paced and multi-functional team of skilled developers with a passion for innovation, delivering value, and solving hard problems. We deliver mobile application features that enable our customers to access and make use of their smart home, and the devices which power it, in new and exciting ways.
As a member of the Core Apps growth team, you will be responsible for driving customer acquisition and delivering value-add features within our mobile experiences to existing customers to improve customer retention. You will build and maintain services to support system upgrades and help drive sales through promotions and other means. Youll stay hyper-focused on growing our user base while satisfying our existing customers. Youll work to improve the app customer referral and loyalty programs as well as support the tools used by our sales teams.
Who you are:
You are an engineer with strong commercial-grade development experience. You work closely with your mobile developer peers and teammates to build and maintain a flexible and extensible full-stack architecture to support the current and future product roadmap. You are skilled at the latest tooling, and capable of quickly digesting technical documentation. You are comfortable navigating complex, distributed codebases and can enhance and improve them in a pragmatic and strategic fashion. You are curious and embrace new ideas, service capabilities, and emerging technologies and look for ways to apply them to your work to level-up your work, your team, and the business.
You take pride in delivering new and improved product features that deliver everyday value to the customer and the business. You write high-quality, readable, testable and extendable code and are always looking for ways to innovate and incorporate new development best practices to level up the codebase and engineering organization of which you are steward of. You are comfortable building a new feature from scratch, or working with code someone developed in the past.
You tackle engineering work in an agile, iterative fashion and are comfortable decomposing work into concrete, actionable, achievable deliverables. You are comfortable experimenting and iterating on those ideas based on feedback, analytics, and other business learnings. You have excellent debugging skills and can narrow down problems efficiently, even when the codebase is large and complex. You have a bias towards action and take ownership of the codebase you work within. You work with a team that strives to be open-minded, curious, quick to learn, and capable of communicating effectively and delivering regularly.
Lastly, you are approachable, ambitious, commitment-focused and want to be part of a high-performing team that values continuous improvement. You are fulfilled when youre helping those around you succeed and you welcome ideas and feedback.
What youll do regularly:
* Collaborate with engineering, product, design and quality assurance team members as well as stakeholders from across the business to translate product vision into the ultimate Smart Home experience for Vivint customers
* Rapidly prototype new and redesigned features and run experiments to determine which approaches will be most effective for the business
* Build software experiments and funnels to assess and validate product and design approaches, and fine-tune based on analytics and other feedback mechanisms
* Help define and create new full-stack architecture and tooling for the Vivint apps and work collaboratively with your immediate and extended team to evangelize the content youre creating so it can be leveraged across the business
* Actively participate in the developer guild with fellow engineers to develop better organization-wide software practices and solve hard problems
Skills you should have proficiency in:
* Building scalable, highly available, low-latency, distributed solutions, especially microservice architectures
* Go and python language proficiency
* MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, AWS, Kubernetes, RESTful services
* Bug Tracking and Source control (JIRA, Bitbucket, Git)
* Common software architectural practices and principles (queueing, caching, persistence, performance, and concurrency techniques)
* Refactoring and Unit Testing
Skills it would be great if you had experience with:
* Analytics frameworks, A/B Testing and Feature Flags
* Designing, running, and analyzing software experiments
* App monetization strategies
* Content delivery networks
* Security and data privacy and compliance
Skills that are highly desired, but you can learn them on the job:
* Agile development processes (Scrum/Scrumban)
* Mentoring fellow platform engineers
* Driving backend architectural changes within an organization
* IoT products and services (Security, home automation)
* Mobile development frameworks and tools (Android, iOS)
Minimum qualifications:
* B.S. in Computer science or related field or equivalent work experience
* 5+ years relevant professional development experience or equivalent
* Participate in quarterly Innovation Weeks where all engineers explore technologies and ideas that may not be part of their daily work

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