Overnight Supervisor

Company: Concierge Services, Inc
Job type: Full-time

According to the latest J Turner Research results, 25% of our clients are in the top 1.5% of properties ranked for luxury and customer service in Greater Boston. Amazing!
Unique opportunity to join the Management team of Boston's Leader in the Hospitality Service Industry.
Overnight Supervisor's Job Duties
● The hours for the position are as follows
o Tuesdays through Thursdays 11PM-7AM
o Fridays 5PM-11PM
o Saturdays 7AM-7PM
● The Overnight Manager reports to the Director of Operations.
● Package Inventories
o Conduct package inventories every other night at each property
o Inspect the package inventories conducted by overnight employees to ensure they completed properly
● Regular Site Visits - Visit each site as per the Day 1 and Day 2 cycle. While visiting sites the manager must go through the following:
o Spot check list – Fill out a Spot checklist for each visit at each site. The Spot checklist inspects; first impressions, appearance, grooming, posture and poise, front desk standards, hot topic management etc.
o Package room inspection - Fill out the Package Room inspection sheet posted on a clipboard in each package room. The package room inspection sheet manages the following; proper labeling, organization, perishable management, old package processing etc. The Overnight manager must also inspect the Package inventory binder
o Key Management – Conducting key inventories, key log usage inspection, inspect for authorizations for all keys in concierge possession.
o Team communication management - distribute memos, inspection of memo binder for acknowledgment, Team meetings and make up meetings as needed
● Site Calls - The overnight manager is responsible for inspecting each site at least twice during their shift - “Double Check”. The manager is required to make at least one physical presence and one phone call to the site during their shift. Should a manager pick up a shift during their working hours, they must make two calls in place of the visit.
When making site calls the manager will be checking for the following points. The observations for the call will be reported in the Daily Manager report.
● Number of rings before the call is picked up
● Proper telephone Greeting - “Thank you for calling (name of site) this is (name of employee) speaking, how may I help you ?
● Check on completion of hot topic duties including; closing of amenities, hospitality bar servicing, newspaper delivery, package inventory and erpoc escalation etc.
● Training - The overnight manager will assist with onboarding new employees through Know your Property, Shift Report Writing and Incident Report Writing training segments as needed.
● Reporting through Daily log - The overnight supervisor is responsible for sending a report of their shift activities to The Director of Operations and Ownership. The report must be delivered by 9AM each morning following a worked overnight shift.
● Quality Assurance
○ The overnight manager must read the Log reports sent by the Quality Specialist for their references
○ The Overnight manager must read the Daily log report from the Training Manager for their references
○ Update the Package Inventory Metric by reviewing all overnight shift logs and entering the reported package inventory data
● Staffing - While management will have an on-call team to utilize for call outs and last minute requests, managers will be expected to cover the desk as a last resort. The front desk can never be left unattended. The manager on duty is responsible for securing coverage with a trained employee or covering the shift themselves if needed.
● Check Delivery - The Overnight manager will deliver paystubs to all properties on payday. The checks will be dropped off in the office. The manager must send delivery email notifications to all employees for the respective properties that deliveries are made
● Administrative Duties
○ Send a monthly reminder to all service managers on the 20th day of each month. The email reminder asks for an updated on call calendars for the upcoming month to be posted at the front desk
● Perform duties as assigned by the Director of Operations. This may include updating Pass on Log distributions when new personnel join the property management teams, delivering name tags, printing documents to be added to the property manual etc.
-Growth opportunity with leading service provider
-vacation pay
-paid vacations
-paid sick days
competitive salary

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