Professional Development Director, Ambulatory MAP Program

Company: Tufts Medical Center
Job type: Full-time

Job Description
The Professional Development Director, utilizing innovative and flexible solutions, evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence, is responsible for establishing an environment that facilitates professional growth, role competence and proficiency in their specialty. The Manager is accountable for the achievement of professional and clinical outcomes for all assigned staff and or patient populations.
In collaboration with the Clinical Nursing Director, the professional development manager is responsible for the interview and selection of unit staff (professional and technical). For the first 6 months to one year, based upon advancement with competencies, all staff newly hired will have a direct reporting relationship with the professional development manager. This will facilitate continuous performance feedback for the new hires during the initial orientation phase and pivotal first year of practice; ensuring successful professional enculturation and specialty nursing advancement and performance.
The Clinical Nursing Director, the Professional Development Director and the Nurse Executive team, collaborate closely as the nursing leadership team with the Professional Development Manager serving as the accountable role for staff competence and outcomes that provide excellence in patient safety and quality, create a culture of safety and lead the development of nursing practice.
The overall outcome of professional development is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that translate into practice and contribute to the safety of patients/families and provision of quality care. In addition to acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude, specialty excellence includes the evaluation and measurement of current clinical knowledge, proficiency of technical skills, application of critical thinking and performance by each member of the nursing team. The Professional Development Manager leads the development of these measures and methods and evaluation of staff performance and practice outcomes.
* To guide and mentor nurses in their development toward professional experts who represent the profession
* To select and hire professional and technical staff for the specialty practice
* Develop measure and methods for the evaluation of staff performance and their practice outcomes
* To provide and facilitate continuous performance feedback in order to advance nurses and techs knowledge, skill and practice
* To support development and utilization of other care team members
* To ensure evidence-based standards of care are being practiced clinically
* To provide consultation in the delivery of care that inspires excellence in knowledge, skill, and leadership at the bedside.
* Develops, coordinates, facilitates, conducts, and evaluates orientation programs and innovative learning approaches for staff
* Partners in developing recruiting strategy plans, interviewing and hiring new positions within scope of designated patient population(s)
* Responsible for facilitation of all aspects of on boarding progression and specialty enculturation, including counseling and separation recommendations when required
* Provides performance feedback including active participation in the annual performance appraisal.
* Develops, coordinates, facilitates, conducts, and evaluates competency programs for all staff
* Ensures staff competency
* Achieves successful outcomes by utilizing innovative and flexible methodologies.
* Monitors and ensures excellence in the clinical practice of nursing and the delivery of patient care within the assigned practice area(s)
* Provides continuous substantive performance feedback for all staff and during the orientation phase and for 6 months to one year is primary author of performance appraisal for new staff
* Accountable for competence achievement of staff through planning, collaboration, coaching and counseling
* Recommends, initiates, provides, and documents formal discipline. When necessary recommends additional discipline in collaboration with Clinical Nursing Director
* Develops, coordinates, facilitates, conducts, and evaluates in-service programs for all staff in assigned practice area(s).
* Identifies through needs assessment, continuing education oppOrtunities that augment knowledge, skills, and attitudes of all nursing staff
* Demonstrates proficiency in identifying continuing education offerings that are provider directed, learner directed and learner paced (ANA 2009)
* Creates, manages, implements, coordinates, and evaluates continuing education.
* For new staff, guides process of goal setting and evaluation of progression against goals
* For all staff, participates in annual individual goal setting or action plan development
* Identifies preceptors within specialty practice and provides guidance and mentorship in development of preceptor role
* Serves as a mentor and facilitates the mentorship of others
* Provides guidance and support for professional presentations by specialty practice staff nurses at national conferences or publications
* Guides and mentors staff in career development, role transition, and succession planning
May counsel others and coordinate, facilitate, conduct, and evaluate activities that promote career development and role transition.
* Conducts, encourages, disseminates, and/or participates in research and scholarship, including oral or poster presentations and publications.
* May serve as an academic liaison and/or adjunct faculty
* May teach, coordinate, and/or advise other learners concerning academic education and scholarly activity
* May facilitate programming, consultation or teach within organizational affiliate structure.
In collaboration with the interdisciplinary team:
* Ensures excellence in outcomes for all quality, safety, patient experience metrics and regulatory requirements
* Leads and builds the capacity of the staff and interdisciplinary team(s) for excellence in all aspects of their performance and outcomes
* Expert in change management, innovation and systems thinking and planning
* Serves as a highly visible leader and role model in the development/attainment of hospital and unit service line mission and goals
* Embraces the concept of change and leads staff through the change process as evidenced by adoption of new behaviors and/or processes.

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