Clinical Care Technician (per diem, CCT, Nurse Assistant,…

Company: Tufts Medical Center
Job type: Part-time

Job Description
The Clinical Care Technician works under the supervision of the professional nurse and collaborates to meet the needs of the patient within the scope of the role.  The clinical care technician assists in direct patient care, provides environmental support and facilitates patient safety on designated unit and other units as needed. The clinical care technician has successfully completed and maintains competencies in role specific skills. The clinical care technician provides an environment supportive of the patient and family centered model of care.
Clinical Skills Assists the professional registered nurse in the functional care of patients, ensuring efficient and patient centered care appropriate to the developmental age of the patient population. Performs delegated tasks and communicates all findings/concerns to the professional nurse.
Provides, or assists patients with activities of daily living in a safe, efficient and respectful manner
Greets patients, families, visitors and other staff utilizing the principles of Tufts Medical Center service standards
Collects, records, and communicates the patient’s clinical data to the assigned nurse in a timely manner
Prepares room for admission/transfer/discharge, assuring standardize equipment is ready for use
Transports or accompanies patients as necessary to other areas of the hospital in an efficient, safe, and respectful manner
Provides comfort measures such as positioning, changing linen, back rubs, etc. to patients in an efficient, safe, and respectful manner
Maintains patient and family confidentially at all times
Promotes patient activity by assisting with mobility and range of motion exercises as assigned
Sets up for procedures as requested by nursing/medical staff
Cleans and discards used equipment and supplies following procedures
Collects specimens and performs specimen testing, while maintaining Standard Precautions; prepares specimens for the lab
Responsible for care of biomedical equipment, checking par levels and working order for BP cuffs, EKG cables, leads, oximeter cables, etc. Sends malfunctioning equipment to Medical Engineering per established procedure
Cleans wounds and applies DSD after wound is assessed by nurse
Performs 12 lead EKG
Connects monitoring equipment to patient under the direction of the nurse
Cares for patient belongings. Completes belongings list
Primes intravenous tubing with solution containing no medication
Responds to patient and family requests promptly, seeking nurse’s supervision as needed
Assists with patient care procedures as directed by the nurse, using proper body mechanics and ensuring patient dignity
Performs and documents patient’s admission, transfer, and discharge tasks as requested by the nurse
Acts as a sitter as requested by the nurse, adhering to the sitter guidelines, to ensure patient safety at all times
Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients being cared for
Answers call lights and seeks appropriate personnel/action
Performs hourly rounding per established guidelines
Performs other similar and related duties as required or directed
Promotes quality, safety, regulatory and patient and family satisfaction
Communication and Collaboration: The clinical care technician contributes to a positive work environment by maintaining open communications with others.
Introduces self to patients and family, asking patients and family how they would prefer to be addressed
Supports and promotes open communication with co-workers to ensure a positive environment
Negotiates all scheduled breaks with nurse to ensure adequate coverage to meet the patient and unit needs
Climate and Environment: The clinical care technician performs tasks to ensure a clean, clutter-free, and safe work environment for patients and staff
Maintains a clean and safe work environment for patients and staff
Cleans and stocks equipment and supplies to ensure adequate par levels to meet patients’ needs
Reports non-functioning equipment and other environmental problems to the appropriate individuals in a timely manner
Appropriately and safely utilizes equipment common to the clinical area
Promotes responsible and efficient use of resources
Covers for the Unit Coordinator in answering the telephone, call lights and greeting visitors to the unit
Hospital Standards: As a member of the hospital community, the clinical care technician participates in the patient-family centered model of care, continually improving environment.
Maintains attendance standard as per policy
Begins work at the assigned time and remains until the end of the assigned shift
Completes mandatory education requirements
Uses resources appropriately and in a cost-effective manner
Attends educational offerings when staffing on the floor allow.
Attends and participates in unit-based staff meetings when appropriate. If unable to attend, reads and initials minutes
Notifies the nurse whenever he/she leaves unit
Maintains positive customer relations in all interactions
Utilizes resources in a careful manner

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