Talent Recruiter - Outreach (Boston)

Company: Uncommon Schools
Job type: Full-time

Job Description
The Talent Recruiter Outreach (Massachusetts) is responsible for buliding out our outreach strategy and presence in the Boston, Western Massachusetts area. The Recruiter will work closely with the Director of Recruitment to develop and implement national and regional recruitment strategies to attract strong teaching and operations staff for schools in Boston, MA. We are looking for someone who is excited to bring outstanding aspiring and experienced talent to Uncommon Schools! The duties below provide a high-level overview of the responsibilities of the Talent Recruiter Outreach:
Key Work and Responsibilities
Create and execute a recruitment outreach strategy to attract quality teachers and operations candidates for Uncommon Schools in Boston, MA.
Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to plan and implement on-campus recruitment events and initiatives (career fairs, information sessions, panels, professional developments, etc.) to build diverse talent pipelines
Develop and manage regional and national partnerships and initiatives to increase awareness of Uncommon School’s brand and garner quality applications for our schools.
Leverage recruitment tools and systems (applicant tracking systems, resume databases, LinkedIn Recruiter, Indeed, Handshake, Mailchimp, and complex spreadsheets)
Demonstrate and articulate a thorough understanding of the Uncommon Schools mission and vision and execute compelling and enthusiastic email campaigns and presentations to promote career opportunities to target audiences and move stakeholders to action (professors, faculty, college students, experienced professionals, warm leads, mission-aligned organizations)
Use internal and external data to make adjustments to outreach strategy, support recommendations and drive outreach decisions
Maintain strong communication and relationships with school leaders and Selection recruiters to assess short and long-term talent needs and share recruitment trends and strategies

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