Production Produce Worker

Company: G.Z.Q.S.O.
Job type: Full-time

Job Title: Meat Processor
Industry: Production
Location: Detroit MI
Type: Full Time/Permanent
Pay: $14/HR to start..
Job Summary: As a production worker, employees can be placed anywhere on the production line directly working with the product. There are a variety of openings associated with this position ranging from palletizing, loading, and meat cutting. The steady and fast-pace work environment requires the following from production workers:
The ability to work in a cold environment (35-45 degrees)
The ability to stand for 10 or more hours per shift
The ability to work with and handle raw meat
The ability to uphold safe food processing standards
The ability to comfortably lift 20 pounds routinely
Must be at least 18 years of age or older
Keep up with pace of production and production standards
Maintain a positive attitude while upholding mutual respect for all
Conduct job related task that may include but are not limited to handling hand tools, knifes, and machinery
Maintain good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
Additional essential functions may be applicable to specific jobs

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