MRI Tech - 13 Week Contract

Company: VitaLink Health
Job type: Full-time

    Seeking MRI Tech - 13 Week Contract                                                               Requirements: ARRT, BLS, 1 Year of Experience, 2 Preferred                                 Pay Details: Weekly Pay, Housing and Meal Stipends, Travel Reimbursement                                                                                                                                            MRI technologists operate magnetic resonance imaging machines in the healthcare sector. They create diagnostic images of patients according to their physicians’ instructions, take patients' histories, prepare them for scans, and keep them calm and comfortable during the process.                                      
Analyzing patient histories and completing screenings for pacemakers and injuries where metal objects were involved.
Preparing and administering contrast dyes.
Addressing patients’ concerns and ensuring that they are comfortable and calm during scans.
Performing regular inspections of the MRI equipment and machines, and scheduling maintenance and repairs as needed.
Positioning the patients and completing MRI scans according to the physicians' specifications.
Ensuring that the MRI rooms are kept clean, tidy, and safe at all times.
Training junior MRI Technologists and providing support to new staff.
Writing reports and escalating any problems to the relevant stakeholders.
Carrying out quality assurance procedures and implementing improvements as required.

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