Machine Learning Engineer -Large Language Model &…

Company: Hireio, Inc.
Job type: Full-time

The main job directions include:
1. Exploring and developing large-scale language models and optimizing enterprise applications to the extreme;
2. Data construction, instruction tuning, preference alignment, and model optimization;
3. Implementation of relevant applications, including content generation, reasoning, code generation, etc.;
4. Collaborating with cross-functional teams to produce and apply new science to more responsibly develop and deploy large language models;
5. In-depth research and exploration of more usage scenarios in future life.
1. Excellent coding ability, data structures, and fundamental algorithm skills, proficient in C/C++ or Python, winners of competitions such as ACM/ICPC, NOI/IOI, Top Coder, Kaggle, etc. are preferred;
2. Experience in one or more of the following areas: NLP, Ranking, Ads, search engine, recommender system, distributed system, and machine learning.
3. Familiar with NLP, RESUME-related algorithms, technologies, and familiar with large-scale model training and RL algorithms are preferred;
4. Excellent problem analysis and solving skills, able to deeply solve problems in large-scale model training and application; 5. Good communication and collaboration skills, able to explore new technologies with the team and promote technological progress.
5.Prefer Mandarin.

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