Production Specialist

Company: CitraPac, Inc.
Job type: Full-time

The Production Specialist provides the plant operations department with essential support in planning, managing and executing production operations. Train new employees on how to safely use machinery and accurately follow procedures.
* Coordinate and plan production priorities, workflow and schedule
* Identify and report operational and maintenance problems to prevent production delays
* Schedule routine inspection and maintenance of production equipment to prevent equipment break-downs and malfunctioning
* Ensure that all equipment, materials and supplies are readily and continuously available to carry out production processes
* Address employee concerns and complaints in a professional manner
* Optimize production operations to meet quality and performance standards
* Assist in documenting all work instructions and procedures
* Ensure safety measures and procedures are followed to reduce unexpected incidents and hazards
* Ensure production process is carried out in accordance with company policies and procedures
* Determine resource requirements and work allocation for production operation
* Other duties assigned by Supervisor or Management
* Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities
* Proven experience as a Production Specialist or similar role
* Excellent organizing and leadership skills
* Experience in using various types of manufacturing machinery and tools
* Skills in MS Office and other data collection and input systems
* Self-motivated with a results-driven approach
* Ability to work in temperature-controlled cold food processing rooms (45f or colder) continuously for up to 4 hours
* Ability to work in freezers (with protective gear)
* High School Diploma; Degree in a technical, operational, mechanical or relevant field will be an advantage
* Great Opportunity to Grow with Dynamic Emerging Food Products Company
* Holiday, PTO Days
* Performance Bonuses
* 401K

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