Data Engineer (1021)

Company: Employer Direct Healthcare
Job type: Full-time

The Data Engineer shall apply specialized knowledge to conceptualize, design, develop, unit-test, configure, and implement data engineering solution that moves, cleans, and loads data to differing systems within EDHC. The person will interact with our clients and differing roles within IT to gain understanding of the business environment, technical context, and strategic direction. This person will also be responsible for generating documentation as needed; conform to security and quality standards; and stay current on emerging trends. Teams supported include: Application Engineering, Data Engineering, Decision Science, and Business Analytics
For a successful candidate for this position, you must -
* Have experience in creating robust and automated pipelines to ingest and process structured and unstructured data sources into analytical platforms using batch and streaming mechanisms leveraging cloud native toolset
* Be able to develop high performance data queries, stored procedures and/or functional code for data related batch jobs, application support and ETL needs
* Leverage the right tools for the right job to deliver testable, maintainable, and modern data solutions
* Be comfortable with researching data questions, identify root causes, and interact closely with business users and technical resources on various data related decisions
* Understand how to profile code, queries, programming objects and optimize performance
* Aspire to be efficient, thorough and proactive
Responsibilities and Duties
* Develops data pipelines to ingest, move, transform, and integrate data in a secure and performant manner while ensuring and enforcing general data governance principals.
* Explores new technologies and data processing methods to increase efficiency, performance, flexibility, and usefulness to the Enterprises data.
* Document requirements and translate into proper system requirements specifications using high-maturity methods, processes and tools.
* Execute and coordinate requirements management and change management processes. Participates as a member of and leads development teams.
* Designs, prepares and executes unit tests.
* Completes development to implement complex components.
* Participates in cross-functional teams.
* Designs, prepares and executes unit tests.
* Represents team to clients.
* Demonstrates technical leadership and exerts influence outside of immediate team.
* Develops innovative team solutions to complex problems.
* Contributes to strategic direction for teams.
* Applies in-depth or broad technical knowledge to provide maintenance solutions across one or more technology areas (e.g. Power BI and Power App development).
* Integrates technical expertise and business understanding to create superior solutions for clients.
* Consults with team members and other organizations, clients and vendors on complex issues.
* Special projects as requested
* Performs other duties as assigned
* Bachelors degree in IT preferred. Equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted in lieu of degree.
* 3+ years of Microsoft SSIS package development experience including experience with Microsoft Visual Studio
* 3+ years of experience contributing and working with enterprise data warehouses
* 6+ years of experience in SQL and be able to write complex logic using SQL as part of ETL, and use SQL effectively to perform complex data analysis and discovery
* 2+ years of experience building reports with SSRS.
* 1+ years of Microsoft Power BI report development experience.
* Exposure to Azure and Azure Data Factory
* Exposure to an Enterprise Data Lake
* Demonstrate strong organization skills and detail-oriented
* Experience with CMD shell and PowerShell
* Experience with large-scale, complex data environments
* Ability to self-motivate and meet deadlines
* Intense desire to learn
* Ability to express complex technical concepts effectively, both verbally and in writing
* Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, changing environment
* Ability to maintain confidentiality
* Medical Insurance
* Dental Insurance
* Vision Insurance
* Short & Long Term Disability
* Life Insurance
* 401k with company match
* Paid Time Off
* Paid Parental Leave

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