Director/VP of Information Technology

Company: TALENThire Professional Services
Job type: Full-time

*This position is for one of our top clients*
The Leader of IT will be a key member of senior leadership and will drive the business along with management over the entire IT organization. The position requires innovative thought leadership and direction in the use of technology to maximize the effectiveness of the organization, leveraging Information Technology to build the bottom line and create a powerful engaged working environment based on a service providers approach to customer satisfaction. Understanding the business environment and technological advancements are critical to success in this highly visible position. This is a role that must map and deliver the ultimate _future_ state and must own the _current_ everyday systems operations and immediate priorities. Key stakeholders are the executive team members and their respective functions. The position requires a mature leader with strong communication skills, extensive ERP background with Experience at driving process improvement projects. This IT leader will be responsible for directing and managing IT-oriented strategic plans, policies, programs, networks, and business intelligence systems to support the business goals and objectives. Additionally, principally, this role will be responsible for coordination of the technology infrastructure, supporting its enterprise applications, data connectivity, and 3rd party vendor relationships.
IT Leader Strategic Responsibilities:
* Maintain organizational effectiveness and efficiency
* Ensure alignment of the IT Strategy with the overall Business Strategy.
* Facilitate on-going, periodic conversations with the IT Steering Committee
* Lead the IT organization in strategic and operational planning related to enterprise
* Ensure timely, effective use of technology to support business goals/needs.
* Benchmark, analyze and report on (and makes recommendations for the improvement of) the IT infrastructure, IT systems and Help Desk.
* Develop, maintain, and oversee backup and disaster recovery (DR)/business
* Establish IT policies, standards, practices and security measures to ensure effective supporting strategic plans for implementing IT solutions across a global organization.
* Provide leadership for short and long-term planning of technology initiatives update and maintain the IT Roadmap.
* Plan and implement major implementations and modifications, including new ERP.
* Direct research on potential technology solutions and implementations in support of new initiatives, opportunities, and procurement efforts.
* Review performance of IT systems to determine operating costs, productivity levels, and upgrade requirements.
* Direct the design, development, and maintenance of systems, programs, and systems software to meet management and companys information needs, continuity plans (BCP).
* Manage risk related to data storage and security and consistent information processing operations and to safeguard information resources.
* Translate the immediate goals into technology deployment plans and deliver/meet expectations
* Manage IT resources with strong financial discipline initiating corrective action quickly as needed.
* Recruit and manage staff... Clearly communicating job expectations, monitoring, and continual appraisal of IT team and its team members inclusive of initiating, coordinating and enforcing systems, policies, and procedures.
* Communicate effectively with internal and external parties to identify needs...
* Establish and maintain regular written and in-person communications with executives,
* Centrally manage all hardware and software license agreements and vendor contracts.
* Advise and direct organization leadership towards tin=me sensitive, effective, efficient
technology solutions.
* Provide innovative thought leadership on how to apply technology to enhance business performance.
* Develop and provide an efficient, customer service-oriented team.
* Direct and support an action-oriented information technology team that provides consistently high levels of service and support to users.
* Evaluate cost effective alternative business solutions and strategies, management, and key stakeholders on projects regarding IT activities.
* Define and continually communicate progress milestones, service level agreements, and resource allocation to all relevant key stakeholders.
This is a full time role with benefits.

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