Director of Operations Field Services

Company: Altisource
Job type: Full-time

Job Description
* Grow and sustain a high-performance mortgage field services team
* Lead remote teams, both onshore and offshore
* Leverage customized technology tools to maximize team performance
* Interact regularly with clients to strengthen relationships with many of the nations largest mortgage lenders and servicers
* Define, implement, and enhance operational policies and guidelines for the team
* Develop and execute new growth strategies
* Collaborate with the human resources department to create job descriptions, hire competent personnel, and oversee employee training programs
* Work closely with the human resources department to develop and implement performance evaluation and recognition programs
* Interact regularly with corporate legal and compliance teams to facilitate consistently compliant operations
* Maximize the business units financial performance
* Collaborate with the Finance Manager in creating and managing the annual budget
* Manage procurement and resource allocation

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