Teacher - AP Calculus (24-25) | KIPP Sunnyside High School

Company: KIPP Texas Public Schools
Job type: Full-time

Job Description
Every member of the Team & Family at KIPP Texas Public Schools plays a critical role in ensuring our students have the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose - college, career and beyond. Our educators are passionate advocates for their students and their families, working tirelessly to ensure that our students have access to opportunity. In our classrooms and across the KIPP family we embrace, honor and celebrate our differences across several characteristics that construct our unique identities in our little and big KIPPsters. We are especially committed to attracting and developing individuals who share the life experiences of our students because we believe the best work we do is grounded in the realities and experiences of our families and KIPPsters. As a Teacher, you will deliver exceptional instruction and assess student growth. You are dedicated to constant learning and proactively provide academic and cultural support to your school and team.
As a KIPP Texas Public Schools Teacher, your core responsibilities include: 
Instructional Delivery and Assessment:
Develop year-long Texas State standards-based unit plans and lesson plans that meet all students’ learning needs.
Use assessment data to modify short and long-term plans in order to promote all students’ academic performance.
Embrace and incorporate feedback in the spirit of constant improvement.
Academic and Cultural Support: 
Collaborate with content and grade-level teams to promote an environment of critical thinking and academic rigor.
Establish and maintain working relationships with students and families based on trust and respect.
Participate in the daily functions of the school such as morning, lunch, and afternoon supervisory duties.
Attend critical school events such as staff meetings, open houses, and parent-teacher conferences.
Develop individualized learning plans for students and communicate these plans to families in parent meetings and conferences.
Meet professional obligations including timeliness and consistency in meeting deadlines.

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