Senior Software Application Engineer

Company: ISO
Job type: Full-time

Job Description
Design and develop substantial portions of system architecture and critical path features. Properly document, track and test work. Follow departmental quality standards regarding coding, commenting, unit testing, debugging, documenting, releasing, and versioning code.
Participate in and provide leadership in areas of the Software Engineering Process including responsibility for the design and innovation of new software and the specification/implementation/testing/release cycle. Provide recommendations on technical direction including hardware and software issues.
Provide internal support and, as appropriate, direct customer support to determine and resolve software quality problems (bugs) in existing products. Act as contact for maintenance of software you lead development on. Debug and resolve software quality problems.
Provide leadership and guidance to new and junior employees in the areas of software engineering process and techniques and project-specific problems, through example and direct hands-on training. As project team member, undertake mentoring of junior staff on project teams and take the initiative in general to mentor wherever the need is seen.

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