Sales and Marketing Manager - Cuxhaven, Germany

Empresa: CV-Library
Tipo de empleo: A tiempo completo

Job summary:
Propose, develop, prepare, lead, coordinate, perform and monitor the implementation of marketing and sales strategy and tactics; lead, organise, coordinate and monitor marketing and sales activities and the work of marketing and sales employees, thus realise plans in an economical way and with optimal efficiency.

Tasks and duties:

Direct, lead, coordinate and supervise marketing and sales employees
Proposing and forming efficient field force organisation
Propose and develop effective marketing and sales strategies and tactics and ensure their implementation through regular controls and evaluation
Prepare, implement, control and evaluate the realisation of yearly marketing and sales plans
Prepare, optimise and control cycle instructions
Suggest specific marketing approaches and activities and their operative performance for the top key clients on the market
Follow and analyse the consumption and stocks of products and ensuring the required optimal stocks of products
Ensure regular and proper use of CRM system, e-learning systems and planning and reporting systems for marketing and sales employees
Ensure regular contacts of marketing management staff with headquarter counterparts.
Build and maintain client data base
Ensure and control regular purchase of sales and other market data, ensure and control regular use of data for evaluation of performance and decisions taking
Use all available data for the evaluation of performance and decision taking
Ensure that all marketing activities, materials and actions undertaken are cost effective and consistent with valid rules, regulations and codes
Ensure rational use of promotional resources (financial and material) within the approved budget to achieve optimal results in an economical way and with optimal efficiency
Provide sufficient promotional materials, equipment and accessories for marketing management and sales employees
Lead, coordinate and monitor cooperation with suppliers in marketing activities, advertising, production of promotional materials and tools in accordance with valid rules, regulations and codes and for the best economic interest 
Lead human resource and deal with personnel development issues, suggest new employment or deployments, propose promotions, education and training, participate in recruitment of marketing and sales management staff
Perform appraisal and assessment interviews with marketing and sales management staff
Introduce and develop newly appointed marketing and sales management staff through effective educational and training courses and individual mentoring
Ensure optimal educational and training introduction to work, and development of marketing and sales employees taking into account rational consumption of all resources
Establish and maintain good contacts with leading people/key persons in the field of animal health and animal health authorities
Ongoing monitoring of activities of the competition (incl. price monitoring), situation on the market and market development trends, report on them and suggest corresponding activities
Keep current with treatment doctrines and new developments in the animal health-care segment
Keep current with regulations related to the import, marketing, sales, animal health products and with activities of animal health authorities
Report regularly and objectively to Headquarters on the situation and trends on the market, on the position and trends of the company and company products and on issues related with the marketing and sales employees
Suggest and develop strategies of operations on the market
Prepare market analyses and assessments of product potential required for the selection of new products and propose marketing authorisation applications for new products
Ensure implementation of pharmacovigilance activities by employees, including activities related to reporting of safety information and compliance of promotional materials with the valid SPC
Conduct tasks in compliance with rules from the fields of quality assurance, occupational health and safety, and fire safety
All other tasks assigned by superiors and consistent with employee’s qualifications and needs of the work process