Tips For Mppsc Exam Preparation 2021-22

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Preparation for the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is the most important step towards achieving your desirable grade or post. Moreover, preparation helps you familiarise with the MPPSC format.

Many of you are either full time employees, students, or entrepreneurs. Therefore, you have a limited amount of time to prepare for the MPPSC Exam.

The MPPSC Exam is very tricky and you need to know the strategies to get a good score. This is possible through adequate test preparation.

Below are tips for MPPSC Exam Preparation (2021) that I would recommend you read before taking the exam;



It is very important that you familiarise yourself with the exam format. You need to know the content of the test, type of questions, tasks in each section, timing, and the answer sheets.

There are 3 sections in MPPSC Exam;

1.       MPPSC Prelims Exam

In MPPSC pre-exam each paper will have 100 questions, and the correct answer for each question is 2 marks. The question paper is bilingual means available in Hindi and English both. you will get an OMR sheet to tick your answers.

The prelims exam of MPPSC is a qualifying exam the marks you will obtain is only to determine your cutoff and secure your place in the Mains exam. These are not counted in the order of merit list in the results. The Qualifying marks for Paper II: Aptitude is 33%. But the candidates will be promoted to the Mains only based on the Qualifying marks in Paper I: General Studies.

2.       MPPSC Mains Exam

MPPSC Mains exam for state services is divided into six papers. Sharma Academy has special Coaching for MPPSC mains candidates detailed exam pattern for MPPSC Mains of state services is follow –

1.       Paper I (General Studies I)   300 Marks           3 Hours

2.       Paper II (General Studies II)                300 Marks           3 Hours

3.       Paper III (General Studies III)             300 Marks           3 Hours

4.       Paper IV (General Studies IV)             200 Marks           3 Hours

5.       Paper V (General Hindi)        200 Marks           3 Hours

6.       Paper VI (Hindi Essay)            100 Marks                   2 Hours


3.       MPPSC Interview

This is the third and final level of MPPSC exam which comes after clearing the mains exam of MPPSC. It is called a personal interview or skill checking of the candidate the team of board members take the interview they ask the questions to you about your self, your city, your state, your hobbies, your graduation subject, or any current topic they can discuss with you.

Basically by this process and evaluation, they try to find a leader in you who can manage the people and department whichever will be assigned to you. Your on the spot decision making ability is also tested in this personality interview. The questions can be anything we have prepared a list of MPPSC interview questions based on the experience of your selected students you can check it in our MPPSC Interview Section.

The Interview or Personality Test carries 175 marks, and the candidates will be assessed in multiple aspects. Interview results don’t have any cutoff.



There is no excuse whatsoever for not having time. Preparing for any examination, it be university, aptitude for a job or MPPSC requires a plan.

Create a plan which incorporates how you are going to study. The plan should include the time for each skill (Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking). Do not underestimate and skill.

Some people tend to concentrate on Reading and Writing. However, it is important that you master the tricks of answering the listening sections.

Find the good mppsc notes and study material for your preparation. Don’t be collector of study material.

Some people fail MPPSC because they fail to manage the time allocated for each skill. A study plan will help you practice and improve your time management in every skill.



Different people practice differently. Therefore, identify your weaknesses and then practice improving those areas where you are weak.

Master every part of the exam before going to take the exam. I think we all agree that MPPSC coaching is little expensive and you do not want to splash money down the drain by not practicing. Moreover, you can get free materials on the web.

Complete as many MPPSC practice past papers as possible. Some people ask me how long they should prepare and I always say up to when you are 90% confident.



·         Read articles, top newspapers, journals in various topics and magazines.

·         Write extensively; write to friends, family and blog on topics you love.

·         Make speaking English part of your daily life.

·         Listen to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other top radio channels in your country

·         Practice precision in your writing because there is a word count


Prepare with best mppsc coaching in indore for your coming exam of this year.

Did I miss any tip for MPPSC exam preparation for 2021? Please mention in comment section if it is. Thanks

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