شرکت: Vritomartis Naturist Resort
نوع شغل: Full-time
Salary: 1٬400 EUR/Month
صنعت: Travel & Tourism
ناحیه/محدوده: Sfakia

The holiday resort for naturists/nature lovers, Vritomartis (located in the region of Sfakia and operating with the special license of the Greek National Tourist Organization – GNTO)  is looking for people who are ready to work and join our team!

We are currently searching for  HOSTESS/PR/GUIDE which is:

·         GERMAN + ENGLISH speaking - required

·         Organizing welcome information drinks to our hotel guests

·         The realization of excursions and leading a group of tourists

·         Organizing/assisting various activities for hotel guests

·         Friendly to naturism, confident, flexible and creative

·         Ready to join our team for a period from 17 April to 28 October 2020


Along with your teammate, you will offer exciting programs for hotel guests of different ages and nationalities. During day time you will lead some excursions and show tourists places all around Sfakia, various activities such as the botanical garden tour of our hotel, you will guide the guests through the hotel garden by showing the various plants we have, etc.

In the evening it is your chance to show yourself by taking part in our amazing shows, such as a movie quiz or a music quiz, dance shows or some fun games and competitions with the guests.

When not on your activity, you will spend time chatting with the customers, making sure they are enjoying their holidays or just make them laugh and entertain them.  


·         Monthly salary

·         Social security and insurance

·         Full board and accommodation in the hotel area

·         Training before the season starts

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