2024-25 Lead Elementary Teacher

شرکت: KIPP Jacksonville Public Schools
نوع شغل: Full-time

Job Description
KIPP Jacksonville Public Schools seeks elementary teachers for our kindergarten through fourth-grade classrooms in the 2024-25 school year. Teachers are assigned one grade level and are responsible for creating a positive classroom environment, implementing curriculum, assessing students, collaborating with their team, building relationships with families, and other duties as assigned. Full teacher responsibilities are ultimately outlined by their school leader.
Kindergarten and first grade: some lead teachers in our kindergarten or first-grade classrooms will work with a certified, novice teacher (fellow) in their classroom. In this co-teaching model, lead teachers share the responsibility and accountability of their classroom with the teaching fellow. Class size is approximately 26 students. The other classrooms in kindergarten and first grade feature a single certified teacher and a paraprofessional in the classroom. All kindergarten and first-grade classrooms are self-contained and are responsible for at least English Language Arts and Math instruction.
Second grade: all lead teachers in second grade are self-contained and are responsible for at least English Language Arts and Math instruction. Average class size is approximately 26 students. 
Third and fourth grade: all lead teachers are departmentalized. A single lead teacher in each classroom is responsible for teaching specific subjects (e.g. only math). Class size is approximately 26 students. In this model, most teachers plan for one subject and teach lessons to multiple cohorts of students. 
Our current compensation and benefits structure is very competitive and is commensurate with experience. 
Our current starting salary for a first-year lead teacher is $50,000
Free individual health benefits (including medical, dental, and vision)
Free individual short-term and long-term disability insurance
403(b) retirement program with a company match
To support teacher practice and their growth, all lead teachers receive individualized coaching and professional development.
*This offering is subject to change each school year. Terms would be outlined in an offer letter, if issued. 
*The salary offered in the DocuSign doesn’t include any stipends for which the candidate may be eligible. In our first year of paying out millage stipends, non-certified New-to-KIPP staff received an additional $3700. Certified New-to-KIPP instructional staff received an additional $7,000. Certified staff also received TSIA stipends this year. There are other opportunities to earn money at KIPP Jax in the form of additional stipends. 
offerings are subject to change year to year.

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