Ai Engineer needed

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AI Engineer is a new technical role at our company. You will be part of a team helping chart our AI strategy and define the problems we are solving with AI. You will help build our AI development and production infrastructure and set our technical standards. To succeed you must become an expert in building AI models and putting them into production.


-       Set up and manage our AI development and production infrastructure.

-       Help AI product managers and business stakeholders understand the potential and limitations of AI when planning new products.

-       Build data ingest and data transformation infrastructure.

-       Identify transfer learning opportunities and new training datasets.

-       Build AI models from scratch and help product managers and stakeholders understand results.

-       Deploy AI models into production.

-       Create APIs and help business customers put results of your AI models into operations.

-       Keep current of latest AI research relevant to our business domain.

-       Skills & experience

-       At least 5 years hands-on programming experience working on enterprise products. 10 years experience preferred.

-       Demonstrated proficiency in multiple programming languages with a strong foundation in a statistical platform such as Python, R, SAS, or MatLab.

-       Experience building AI models in platforms such as Keras, TensorFlow, or Theano.

-       Demonstrated commitment to learning about AI through your own initiatives through courses, books, or side projects.




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