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Are you looking for a reliable Filipino Maid Agency in Singapore? If yes, then choose Maids R Us. We are one of the leading Maid Agencies in Singapore that provides highly skilled and proficient Filipino maids best suited to your needs. 

All our maids are thorough professionals with years of experience and ensure quality services by meeting all your household needs, be it cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, looking after the elderly or children.

Now manage all your chores effortlessly and live a balanced and harmonious life. 

Get in touch with Maids R Us today and enjoy hassle-free maid hiring experience.

Contact US:

Maids R Us

Phone no: (+65) 6733 2344,(+65) 9186 6527

Email: [...] 

Address: 01-20 Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247909


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