Photo Editor/Asset Manager - Films and Series

Yritys: HAUS
Työnkuva: Kokoaikainen

HAUS is seeking a Los Angeles based individual with experience in photo editing, photo asset management & archiving, and general project management. To be successful in this role, you must be able to strategically plan and execute on multiple projects at once. You must be extremely well organized, creative, a succinct communicator, a team player and thrive in a fast-paced environment. You must be self-motivated, possess integrity and able to work autonomously.
You will be managing all aspects of day-to-day photography for multiple film/series in various stages of production. This may include some management of unit photography during production, as well as still photo management during post-production and through release. You will need to strategize on the best visual representation for a series for marketing, publicity, and social needs. This may include the reading of scripts, watching cuts of series. You will also supplement unit photography through pulling frames from films. You will need to manage still approval process with talent reps and manage photo captions, workflows, and photo requests. You will also be responsible for handing the uploads of approved photography to multiple sites/tools. You'll need to handle digital asset management and archiving including transferring, renaming, attaching metadata, adjusting, backing up and uploading.
* 5+ years photo editing experience, entertainment experience preferred
* Strong eye for editing and selecting photography
* Extensive knowledge of Adobe Suite including Photoshop and Lightroom or Bridge (or similar system)
* Basic retouching and color correction skills required; advanced skills are preferred
* Strong team player
* Deadline-oriented with strong time management skills
* Strong contacts for supplemental retouching and color correction
* Experience working with international markets preferred
* Ability to handle a high volume of complex projects and tasks for multiple people and departments simultaneously and manage competing priorities
* Ability to create and communicate workflow for managing, distributing and gathering assets.
* Must be able to work independently, make sound decisions, think strategically, and maintain accuracy and attention to detail
* Ability to edit high volume digital photography and maintain control.
* Must possess solid organization, effective time management and excellent verbal and written communication skills to communicate effectively with internal and external teams
* Understand and interest in Federal copyright laws, usage licenses and embargos
* Understand the photography industry including photo production, retouching and digital asset management and workflow
* Strong knowledge in digital file specs, size formats
* Creative - Demonstrate the ability to think innovatively, connecting the dots when others cannot.
* Able to make the leap from information to insight. Able to identify, nurture and help refine compelling creative ideas and concepts.
* Succinct Communicator - Great writer and clear talker. Can organize, summarize, clarify and communicate ideas simply, succinctly and accurately.
* Has a quick intelligence, is fast on the feet and quickly responds to issues and questions.
* Pragmatic, Organized and Detailed - Has a big capacity to both think and 'do'.
* Flourishes in a 'hands-on' role, adding value at different levels. Is strong on detail and highly organized.
* A Smart Minimalist - Keeps things simple. Knows that global communications can be made complex---and will resist and prevent that.
* Has a Point of View - An independent thinker willing and able to express and support a point of view.
* Pace - Moves at a nice clip and enjoys having multiple projects going at once.
* Can change course, be scrappy and get things done within short time frames. Integrity. Has sound judgment, and will question actions inconsistent with company values.
* Los Angeles based only.