Love Find Its Way

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Industrie: Construction

When we start with the fact that we have made a commitment, we have room for all the other points of navigation.

I have often had couples tell me, “well, if it doesn’t work out, we can always divorce.” I predict that when this is the mindset, divorce is almost guaranteed.

When we start with the idea that “I am in it for the long-haul,” our mentality changes.

We move toward working it out. As a billboard I recently saw points out, “Don’t stare at the problem—look for a remedy.”

Culture has reinforced for us that marriage is not permanent. We have created the “no-fault divorce.”

We have made it easier to get divorced than just about any other legal process. But, this violates the commitment that is the foundation of marriage.

Even though I am an Indian, but I have read in many books and online that those who were married in a church likely promised to stay married, regardless of health, good and bad times, money or no money, ending only with the death of one or the other. But we take that commitment lightly.

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