1 on 1 Elite Football Training for youngsters and grown ups

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As part of your Child’s development as a football player, I am now offering 1 to 1 Sessions for your Child in Moscow City.

My 1 to 1 sessions will work on for each hour:

  • SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness)
  • Ball Mastery – focus on skills & turns
  • Skills Topic – 1v1, Running with the Ball, First Touch, Passing and Shooting & Finishing
  • Technique to skill

You choose how many sessions you want your Child to have, but my guideline to see a difference is a 6 – 10 Session Block.




Are you not getting enough touches of the ball during your team training sessions? Are you completely new to the game? Are you a professional / semi professional player seeking more advice and practice? Are you looking to improve just one specific weakness of your game? Well you’re in the right place!


​Improve the following:

  • Your general technique

  • Awareness 

  • Passing / Shooting / Dribbling / Heading / 1v1 defending & attacking

  • Confidence 

  • Positional sence 

  • Fitness / Speed / Balance / Co-ordination / Fast feet 

  • Your week foot

  • Train the brain 

  • Learn new skills 

  • Sociable skills / Meet new friends and players / Learn from others

If any of those points are something you need to work on or you simply want to work on everything then book a session with a professional and qualified coach from France.
If you are not comfortable training on your own, you can bring a friend or friends. The session then will become a 2on1, 3on1 or 4on1.


Position speficic training

Position specific training is a very popular choice. I have a lot of players that are looking to improve their game and the position that they play in. For example, You would not have a defender working on loads of shooting drills, that is unrealistic when it comes to match days. 
​I will develop your game in your specific position and every attribute that comes with it. 



For Training session enquiries ONLY please use the email address below or Whatsapp (+79856877936).


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