Difference between frontend and backend development

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Frontend Development

Frontend development includes designing how the website will look like. It deals with details about the website that the users see, features that the user uses to communicate with you, navigation menus, images-animations-videos, etc. The front end of the website/application decides how good of an experience the user gets.

To develop the frontend a developer uses technologies like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, etc along with third-party libraries like Angular, ReactJs, jQuery, etc.

Backend Development

Backend deals with the hidden side of the website/application that handles all the nitty-gritty of it like storage and data organization, communicating with the front end to ensure smooth functioning, etc. When any user interacts with the website in the form of making a purchase, filling a form, entering information, etc, the backend manages and processes the information input and returns relevant information that is displayed on the screen through the frontend. You can also call it the server side of the website which manages the database.

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