You Should Not Think About these Important Things while mpps

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Writing the exam is very tough and it become very important when the exam is path finder for your career. Aspirants who are preparing for MPPSC are in deep pressure of study and also family and pressure makes things poor some times. Don’t think about few things which are mentioned here for relaxed mppsc exam preparation.


1) What if my arch enemy knows this answer!

We all have our arch nemesis, the ones we hate for their academic performance, the ones we look at as competition, the ones we would love to beat and show how good we are and the reasons why we are better than them. Well, it is a noble competition but not something which is going to help you when you are writing an mppsc exam. If it so happens that you are stuck at a question you do not know an answer for, the very thought that your competition might can send you down a spiral. Forget about him or her, you are a far more mature individual than that. You need to pull yourself together and realize that the competition is just between you and you alone and none else!


2) How my parents will react to this!

How will they react if they know that I did not score well, what will they tell me? What if my friends mock me for not doing well? How will the society treat me and what if my peers make fun of me? I agree that such thoughts do come in occasionally. But again, you can’t let that bother you. If it comes to that bad a stage then you will handle it when it comes. This is not the time for overthinking, this time is dedicated only for action and action alone, everything else in the world can wait….


3) How an ideal answer should look like!

This is for the perfectionists, who have a set definition as to how an answer should look like and how it will be valuated while it is graded for marks. I do agree that it is important to know the important factors for an exam and the basics as to what is expected out of you, I would like to point out that it is just the basics and nothing more than that. There is a set format and you have been preparing for the format for as long as you know. Naturally you have it as a part of you to know what is expected and train yourself accordingly. You don’t need to be very conscious about that while writing the exam.

Choose any best mppsc coaching in indore to practice answer writing for mppsc mains exam. Don’t worry too much about your handwriting or drawing neat lines or margins or any other beautification factors. If you have time for it, do it, if you don’t – then don’t sweat. It is again about setting the priorities right – the answer, then its beautification.


4) If you are stuck with a question

If you are stuck at a place for a long time and you feel that a simple push can get you there and this keeps happening for a considerable time, then set a deadline for it- maybe 1-2 mins depending on the type of your exam and move on. You can always come back to it. And if you cannot come back to it, it is still ok because it is still just one question and you cannot sacrifice simpler and easier questions for the sake of one tough one, esp in an exam where each question is marked equally. And even if it is not, don’t spend too much time worrying about one question, that one thing is still smaller than 2-3 simpler ones. Try the good mppsc notes prepared by subject experts it will make things easier for you in mppsc exam preparation.


5) Meditate, concentrate, sing to yourself

No matter what it is that brings your focus to the exam, do it. The examination is more of a testimony to tell you how well you have trained yourself for the pattern. It is never a judgement or an understanding as to who you are as a person, it is not a measure of how intelligent you are. It is just a matter of testing how well equipped you are, so stop taking it personally. The battle is between you and the exam and that is all there is you need to know.


So go ahead and do it!

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