Mystery shoppers in Greece

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HS Brands Europe, part of the network of HS Brands Global, is looking for mystery shoppers in Greece.

Are you looking for an opportunity to work flexibly within the retail sector and earn some extra cash?

All you need to work with us is an internet connection, a smartphone/computer and some time to dedicate to our periodical visits.

This role is self-employed, which means that you can apply for various assignments using our website and job board, and complete them at your convenience.

Please visit to sign up with us, or contact me for more information.

HS Brands Global is a leading Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention & Compliance Measurement Solution company, operating worldwide, and we are proud to be fully accredited with the MSPA (Mystery Shopper Providers Association).  You can find more information at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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