Telephone Operator

Poduzeće: WFDM LTD
Vrsta posla: Full-time
700 - 900 EUR/godišnje
Salary notes: Monthly
Industrija: Catering & Hospitality

Duties & Responsibilities

1) Listen to customer requests, referring to alphabetical or geographical directories to answer questions provide telephone information.

2) Suggest check alternate spellings, locations, or listing formats to customers lacking details or complete information.

3) Offer special assistance to persons like those who are unable to dial or who are in emergency situations.

4) Observe signal lights on switchboards, and dial or press buttons to make connections.

5) Operate telephone switchboards and systems to advance complete connections, including those for local, long distance, pay telephone, mobile, person-to-person, and emergency calls.

6) Provide assistance for customers with special billing requests.

7) Calculate quote charges for services like long-distance connections.

8) Monitor automated systems for placing collect calls intervene for a callers needing assistance.

9) Perform clerical duties like typing, proofreading, and sorting mail.

10) Consult charts to define charges for pay-telephone calls, requesting coin deposits for calls as necessary.

11) Interrupt busy lines if an emergency warrants.

12) Provide relay service for hearing-impaired users.

13) Promote company products, services, and savings plans when appropriate.

14) Operate paging systems or other systems of bells or buzzers to notify recipients of incoming calls.

15) Update directory information.

16) Keep records of calls placed received, and of related toll charges.

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