Site Support

Poduzeće: Clean Earth
Vrsta posla: Full-time

Job Description
A Field Technician (Level 1) acts as a field level representative for the Technical Services Division of Clean Earth Contaminated Materials. Field Technicians are primarily responsible for acting as a liaison between customers and various Clean Earth Divisions including Technical Services, Environmental Health & Safety and Operations.  Field Technicians facilitate and assist with project startups, scheduling, approvals and day-to-day activities related to services provided by Clean Earth.
Facilitating and coordinating day-to-day aspects related to the movement of material from customer job sites to recycling/disposal facilities.
On and offsite project management including communication, scheduling, manifest coordination, logistics, vendor management and reporting. 
Acting as liaison to coordinate and convey information between customer project sites and CE Sales, Customer Service, Transportation, Approvals and Operations departments.
Managing project transportation logistics. Specifically, tracking on site wait times and return times, ensuring trucks follow pre-determined routes, and stay within state GVW limits.
Communicating Clean Earth and job specific Health and Safety requirements to vendors and Clean Earth employees as necessary.
Recording and reporting project specific data including but not limited to, soil volume/shipping forecasting, daily transportation logs and approval status.
Responsible for CE truck driver safety as well as general safety.
Material surveying and assessment to determine factors such as volume and debris and moisture content.
Collecting waste classification sampling in accordance with sampling guidance.


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