How to Deal with Exam Anxiety Before the Mppsc Exam

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Government exams like MPPSC are a few of the toughest exams to crack. With more than three lac students applying for just 360 vacancies, even a single mark decides the fortune of thousands of candidates. 


In such a scenario, the MPPSC aspirants face several mental issues like anxiety and stress which are often ignored. To prepare for the exam, many students leave their home to study at MPPSC coaching in Indore and other cities in the state. They leave behind their families, live alone in new places with little comfort. Most of them don’t know how to cook and have to either choose street food or mess food. 


After studying for more than 15 hours every day, they still aren’t confident about their selection. Many have been preparing for this exam for multiple years now and feel pressured by family and relatives. Facing anxiety and stress becomes evident, which affects their life in a negative manner. 


Oxford Dictionary defines anxiety as the state of feeling nervous or worried that something terrible is going to happen. And that something bad is the fear of failure or not cracking the exam. 


If you are an MPPSC aspirant, you can’t afford these issues as it will impact your performance and studies. To help you cope with the anxiety and stress, we have curated some practical tips:


1.    Meditate for 15 minutes daily


Meditation has several benefits for your well-being, and it holds equal importance to reduce anxiety. It is understood that you run short of time, but you can easily dedicate at least fifteen minutes a day to meditation. Along with reducing stress and anxiety, it will also help you deal with negative thoughts that causes stress & anxiety, and prepare your mind for positivity. 


2.            Take proper sleep


Regardless of your daily routine of study, you should not ignore your sleeping cycles. Lack of sleep hampers your mental and physical health, straining the nerves and reducing concentration power and IQ. 


You simply can’t let these factors affect your ability to crack the exam. You have to take proper sleep for improved performance in studies and exam. If not 8 full hours, you should never go below 6 hours. Also, choose sleeping during the night time only, for quality slumber. 


3.            Connect with friends and family


Living alone can contribute to the factors affecting your mental health. You should make some friends who are on the same path as you. This will help you stay social and distracted from negative thoughts. Also, connect with the family members who support you in achieving your dreams. The elders can keep you motivated and inspired by their ideas about life and exams. 


If there are things that worry you or make you feel nervous, share them with your friends. Keep things inside can be depressing sometimes, draining your energy levels and mental health. Don’t let yourself feel alone. 


4.            Eat healthy


While it’s understood that when you stay away for MPPSC preparation, you must choose for tiffin services, mess food, or street food, you can still make some good choices. Find the foodservice that is more hygienic and offers a balanced diet.


Additionally, have fruits and milk. These products are not adultered and are good for your health. Your body is the medium of your life. Maintaining and keeping it healthy will help you lead the life you want.


5.            Hang out once in a while


Students preparing for MPPSC and other government exams don’t even realize when is the weekend. On Sundays too, they study hard like other weekdays. To refresh your mind, you should hang out with your friends once in a while. 


Visiting a new place or connecting with nature at least once a month will help you calm your mind and avoid anxiety.



6.            Develop a hobby


The world of MPPSC exam preparation is wide and complicated. In this world, most of the students often forget their lifestyle and personality. While it is understood that you have to dedicate yourself and focus only on the preparation, but it is also crucial to look at your personal life. Keeping an existing hobby or developing a new one will help you to do so.


The hobbies are not only catalysts of reducing anxiety, but also provides a break from the tight study plan and getting involved in the things you love. 


Moreover, most of the hobbies do not consume a lot of time. For example, you can start writing a daily journal, listening to music, reading books, sketching, etc. When you reach a goal in your preparation plan, you can reward yourself by doing things you like to do.


7.            Be confident and positive


This is by far the most crucial factor to deal with anxiety during MPPSC exam times. None of the above tips will work effectively if you don’t stay confident about yourself and your preparation. Trust your preparation plan and hard work. It will pay off. 


Being confident and positive not only helps you to reduce anxiety but also avoid nervousness during the exam and boost your preparation process. As well said by someone, “Self-confidence is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, the magic starts happening.”


8.            Trust yourself


People who doubt themselves and their capabilities can’t succeed in life. For success in the competitive exams, you have to trust yourself and believe that you are trying your best. Tell yourself that you are putting in your best efforts, have chosen the best MPPSC coaching in indore, books, mppsc notes, and moving on the right path. Don’t let external factors or people make you doubt your efforts and hard work. 



Handing over to you:


By using the practical and proven tips mentioned above, you can beat the anxiety and stress while preparing for the MPPSC exam. Meditation, proper sleep, balanced diet, self-confidence, and exercise should be adopted as daily life habits.


Anxiety and stress are common among every aspirant of competitive exams, but you need to have faith in yourself and give your best always to keep yourself cool and calm. 

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