Pharmacy Assistant Correspondence Course

Tipe pekerjaan: Full-time
Industri: Healthcare

You will learn the following when you undertake the course:

  • An introduction to the field of pharmacy and how it plays a pivotal role in the healthcare system.
  • As a Pharmacy Assistant, you will be working together with a pharmacy team. You will learn all about the different members of the team.
  • How to develop your customer service skills.
  • Checking and management of stocks in a pharmacy: Pharmacy Assistants are often in charge of tracking and managing stocks in a pharmacy.
  • The role of a Pharmacy Assistant: You will be expected to execute multiple tasks and responsibilities, including management of prescriptions, dispensation of medication, interacting  with customers and ordering supplies.
  • Regulations, health and safety in a pharmacy: There are certain standards of health and safety that are governed by regulations which you will need to follow.
  • Prescriptions: You will learn how to read and interpret prescriptions and how to avoid mistakes. The course also covers risk assessment and error prevention.
  • You will learn how to report problems and issues to the pharmacist.


o   The ability to study from any location.

o   The ability to work at a pace that is comfortable for the individual student. The course doesn’t impose time limits, so the student can take days, weeks or months to successfully complete the course.

o   The option to study from any computer,  laptop or mobile phone.

o   Course modules that are easy to manage, making the entire process enjoyable.

o   Continued support to help enhance your training.

o   Ability to access a full syllabus to help you stay on track.

o   Enhance your job application by adding the skill to your resume.

o   Pass the test and receive a certified diploma.

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