Chef - Bar staff- Accomodation provided

Tipo di lavoro: Tempo-pieno
Settore: Ristorazione e ospitalità

Anyone looking for some work I've got a few job roles available.
Yes you'll be working for an arse hole but who isnt these days lol but I'm a fair one and everyone who works for me enjoys being at work. Good team and like a little family. You arent just an employee number to us.
So heres what I'm after. For any of the below roles you must be clean, smart and presentable. Dont come to an interview with your chipped finger nails, scraggly hair and just been on a session red eye. Come looking to impress me. If you come and your clothes are creased to bits then I wont be having your lazy arse anywhere around my bar. Look good feel good.
Before you come down if you feel your breath is a little tangy then it probably is, get yourself a tic tac before your burn my eyes.
The key for me is honesty and hard work. Just put some graft in for the hours that you're being paid.
Chef - The Nags Head Pub
Must have 3 years experience of running a busy kitchen. Wetherspoons and Brewster do not count. Yes they are fine but our meals arent ping ping. So ping off. I dont mind eating at those places but I've had "chefs" come from these before and literally have no idea how to cook fresh meals. Sadly this isnt the place for them. Food safety knowledge is key.
Bar Person - The Nags Head Pub
Experience preferred. Again clean and presentable is key. If your banter is like a wet flannel and you cant hold a conversation for more than a minute then please get yourself back on indeed looking for a factory position or anything that doesnt involve customer facing contact and is away from us. I dont have the time or patience to teach someone how to be sociable just because you've played “Call of duty” for the last 10 years instead of having proper mates.
Bar Person -  
Experienced bar persons waiters. Not home bar experience or the fact you made everyone a jager bomb in the park using crisp packets. Although that's creative it's not what I'm after. 2am finishes too so no relying on the buses as youll have a long wait. Good sense of humour is needed here and a tolerance of people shouting "oi I was next" lol just ignore those ones till last.
Remember that the customer is NOT always right but they do pay all of our wages. Smile and make sure they have a good experience with us.
If you're currently unemployed then keep going and eventually you'll find something for yourself but please dont just use this application as a ticky box for your job seekers evidence. In it to win it people.
So yea, that's what I've got at the minute and hopefully more . Whilst others are surviving, were growing and expanding.
This is a real job ad, we have vacancies! Help more see it by clicking on the page, click community then invite friends and send.
If I dont reply then please dont think I'm ignorant (although I can be... a lot). So stand out, shine bright and join the team.

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