Hotel Guest Photographer 2021

Tipo di lavoro: a Contratto
Settore: Viaggi e Turismo

Place of working: Rhodes Island, Greece.
Working period: From  August  2021 until  October 2021
Character profile: Positive and outgoing attitude,
responsible, organised, motivated, creative, team player, tidy.
Preferred Age : 22 - 38
Training period:  5 days
Job description:
• Taking photos of Hotel guests during a dinner time, in front of the main restaurant and other areas, then selling photos ( displayed on boards ) next morning during a breakfast time, at same place, single and team work.
• Approaching the guests with professional attitude, making good impression, , suggesting, informing and asking to have their photographs taken (families, couples, singles, groups).
• Working in various Hotels, different locations
Working hours:
• 7 Hours of active work in Hotel, rest of time spending in duties, coming to office, short meeting, job organising, transporting (driving) to Hotel and back. Total daily hours 10-11. Day off: 1 every week, Working days: 6 every week. 
Photo Equipment / Cars: Provided by Employer
Dress code: Casual uniforms, polo shirt & ID tag. (decent jeans or dark trousers owned by photographer)
• Advanced English speaking, preferable languages are German, French, Polish, Italian, Russian
• Driving license: B category - Active driver
• No Drugs, no Alcohol
• Smoking is forbidden in working hours

Working experience :
• Priority - At least 3 months as a Hotel photographer, Cruise ship photographer, Event photographer or alternative experience in tourism related jobs as guest relation, direct customer selling, hotel entertainment.
• Fixed Salary 25 EUR daily (26 - 29 Working days Monthly ) + Sales Commission.

• Possibility to earn in total monthly from 900 EUR up to 1.300 EUR  Junior Photographer

• Possibility to earn in total monthly from 1.000 EUR up to 1.600 EUR  Senior  Photographer ( additional experience / skills required )

• Paid return airplane ticket on the end of finished season and presented job agreement.
Medical insurance cover

Accommodation - Apartment Studio for one person :
• Employee it's paying 180 EUR monthly ( photographer )

• One comfortable studio apartment, with A/C , small kitchen, bathroom, balcony, available internet
• Food and Drinks not provided.

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