Good Food Habits for Disease Reversal

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According to medical terms, disease reversal means changing drastically or completely the course or effect of the disease like diabetes, thyroid, autoimmune disorders, etc. In today’s time, when the whole world is under the grip of coronavirus, it has become all the more important to known about the disease reversal.  In simple layman’s terms, disease reversal means overcoming various health problems with the help of natural processes. Amidst the pandemic and a plethora of theories because of the novel coronavirus studies, researches show one thing in common. That is IMMUNITY. Immunity is going to be our savior during this entire span of fighting with the virus all around the world. Immunity, aka the defense system of our body, is what’s going to help prevent the virus from attacking you, as well as recover from the infection if you ever contract it. In order to maintain proper mind and body wellness,   one should stick to a regular sleep routine and have a properly balanced diet- which may include millets, micro food, and super green. 

Vidhi Beri is a well-renowned health transformation coach who is well aware of the facts regarding disease reversal and natural tips to overcome it. Visit her official website for more information!

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