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We are a group of developers and tech enthusiasts. Call us crazy. We do it all the time. We’re just crazy about our jobs. And although most people don’t rate digital voice communication and telephony as top conversational material, we think it’s fascinating. Not just because of the endless possibilities of cloud-based PBX and API’s (admitting we also love talking about those). But the main reason for our fascination is the direct connection between technology and human behaviour. We do things our own way. Not because we want to be different, but because we’re passionate about what we do. We don’t do boring or average; we are an energetic bunch of people. We have a spark. And we like to show our personalities (and our work) to the world.

Our mission is to improve instant communication in the daily lives of people, by creating the best modular platform and supporting our partners in bringing it to the world. We create and maintain software that supports contact centres and receptionists in their daily handling of calls and making their experience as easy as possible. Our daily activities are based around a multi-tenant hosted telephony platform. It provides all basic PBX functionality, as well as multiple API’s for our customers to customize their services. The platform is a distributed system containing various open-source components, combined with a number of self-developed products. Programming languages vary; we use Java, Kotlin, Python, Ruby and others. Our platform is built with stability and scalability in mind: we operate 24/7 and currently handle around one million calls per week. The platform is deployed, maintained and tested with a variety of CI/CD automation tools.

Are you looking for a challenging job in software development at a fast-growing startup? And are you the enthusiastic colleague that we need in our team to help us with further development of our company?

We are looking for an enthusiastic and ambitious colleague who can help us build beautifully coded applications.

How do you fit in?

Do you think you fit the team culture? Great, because that is — next to your qualifications — the most important thing we are looking for! We are currently looking for a full-time (medior) developer that helps us maintain our position as leading cloud telephony partner.

Currently, our focus areas are:

  • update and extend our core API’s
  • rewrite components using newer off-the-shelf technologies
  • extending our CI/CD procedures

What you will be doing

You will be responsible for developing and maintaining our Compass platform. You will be asked to build new features as well as introducing fixes that improve/ ensure the platforms’ stability/ security. You will be part of a team with 3 developers that each have their own expertise within the platform. Your focus would be taking part in the daily development process as well as supporting the organisation with any questions/ challenges they might face in handling customer questions or in using the platform themselves. You are willing to help your colleagues, answer questions and take time to explain how Compass works and how to solve issues with using it.

Your daily activities will be divided between actual development on features/ changes, taking part in discussions about these changes/ features (within a described sprint process) and being a spokesperson for development for the rest of the organisation in answering questions and aiding in the support process. We expect you to get to know the use cases for our platform and bring ideas to the table on how to accommodate them. You are willing to walk that extra mile to make the solution you think of is the best and you are not afraid to speak your mind when you think things can be improved. You have drive, you are willing to learn about new development languages /tools and/ or close the gap in your own knowledge. You have the ability to grow as a developer and grab opportunities to expand your role in the development team proactivily.

You have EU/EEA country nationality or otherwise general and unlimited work permission for the Netherlands. Work permit sponsorship is not provided. For the first 6-12 months this can be a 100% remote role, but you must be willing and able to move to the Netherlands, eventually.

What we expect:

  • At least 4 years software development/engineering experience (more being welcome)
  • Experience with building REST API’s
  • Working experience with several programming languages and in any case, basic Java knowledge
  • Experience with (unit) testing
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with Gitlab (or similar tool)
  • experience with Docker/Kubernetes
  • Advanced level of speaking business English
  • Ability to reason/ or willing to learn about large-scale distributed software architectures
  • Ability to switch/choose between, or willing to learn new programming languages (Java, Kotlin, Python, Ruby).

It would be helpful if you have knowledge in these fields:

  • Network knowledge
  • VOIP (Asterisk / Kamailio / SIP / RTP)
  • Databases
  • Automated deployment tools (Puppet or similar)
  • XMPP (ejabberd)
  • Message bus technology (MQ software)
  • Data serialization (gRPC, Thrift)
  • Debian maintenance & packaging
  • Software maintenance (deployment, monitoring)

Match criteria: IT & Telecom, Staff / White collar, Permanent (1 > year), Temporary (0,5 - 1 year), Software development, Euro 4000 - 4400, Euro 4400 - 4800, Euro 4800 - 5200, 24 - 36 hours (Parttime), 36 - 40 hours (Fulltime), Higher level (BA/Bsc), Higher level (MA/Msc), 2 - 4 years, 4 - 6 years, 6 - 10 years, Amsterdam region, Rotterdam region, The Hague region, International, Utrecht region, English, Yes, EU/EER citizen or general work permit, I have general work permission for the country of the vacancy I applied for

Consultant name: Niels Jordens
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Company name: The Next Chapter

Niels Jordens
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