Sales Assistant (IT Managed Service Provider)

Società: Bit by Bit Inc
Tipo di lavoro: Tempo-pieno

In this role you will be assisting other sales representatives as well as building and maintaining your own customer accounts, and will often serve as the main contact between a company and its clients. Their duties include regularly communicating with clients, quoting (IT Industry/Product & Licensing knowledge a must) tracking client sales and transactions, and addressing any client concerns.
To create, maintain and manage client accounts effectively, an Account Representative must be able to multitask between several different duties. The typical responsibilities of an Account Representative include:
* Staying up to date with current and prospective company accounts
* Communicating with clients and addressing any concerns
* Monitoring client communication and promptly responding to calls and emails
* Creating company quotes and recording all client transactions
* Project Tracking with heavy interaction with our clients and engineers
* Maintaining records for client accounts and auditing them regularly
* Collaborating with a variety of different departments to better serve the clients needs, such as the accounting and marketing departments
* Selling additional products and services to existing clients
You will be assisting other sales people in providing quotes and following-up on projects. You will also have a book of accounts that you manage.
Full medical benefits and retirement plan with company matching

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