Guitarist singer and bouzouki player are available

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Guitarist / singer  and  bouzouki  player  available


I am Ilia Yakimovski guitarist,bouzouki player and singer with long  professional experience.

 I work with el.guitar,acoustic guitar,bouzouki,vocal and backing tracks (one man band).On Greek islands Crete and Rhodes 4 years working as

musician entertainerin hotels,restaurants and night clubs.

Genres : instrumental music,jazz standards,evergreen,pop,rock,blues,

country,bossa nova,disco, reggae,Latin,Italian music,

Greek music on bouzouki. EU passport ( Bulgaria ).  I am interested to

work as musician entertainer.Ready  to  relocate  to  any  destination.

 Possibility  to  join  a  band.   Please visit :

e-mail                      [...] 

Thanks, Ilia

Ilia Yakimovski
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 Ilia Yakimovski

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