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Do you need an extra employer to your company? 


I am 25 years old, young woman from Sweden. I am quite strong and very open to helping people. I have worked in healthcare for three years where I helped and supported people with disabilities in their daily life, and have been told by co-workers and the clients that I was very good to them and did s good job. I can clean very well, do laundry and other kinds of housework. I have three younger siblings (from 24 to 7 years old) so taking care of children is something that I am used to. I am also good with dogs and cats; and learning a new language is not something that is hard for me.

At college I studied acting as that has been my biggest passion. I love art in almost every form, music and dance, theatre. I recently came back from studying acting in London for a few months. So in total I have been studying and working with acting and theatre for about 11 years. 


I understand that it might be alarming for You to know that I am from Sweden and that I have been in London, but I can assure you that I am healthy. I was even visiting the Netherlands two times before the Covid-19 broke out as big as it did (I came for new years and in february) and I was able to travel in and out without any problems. However, I hope that my Swedish nationality won't be a problem.



If You have any questions to me then You are welcome to contact me about them on my email: moaalmenfors[at]gmail[dot]com. I very much look forward to hear further from You, 


Best regards,

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