Housekeeper for small company with Airbnb type rentals

Uzņēmums: Athinaika Diamerismata IKE (Athens Apartments)
Darba veids: Pilna laika
Alga: 900 EUR/Mēnesī
Industrija: Ceļojumi un tūrisms
Apgabals/apkārtne: Athens Centre

Position suitable for male or female 

Housekeeping and preparing the apartments for rental and various tasks related to this activity.

Full time job contact until end of September.

Easy 9- 5 job, 5 days a week, 2 days off (non consecutive). 

Must have perfect vision and able to carry a bag of sheets weighting 10kg

Driving licence is a plus. 

A small leeway can be given if you dont have an afm (tax number) for a short period and we can help with all the paperwork

Contact: Michalis


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