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Starting a family is a profound and emotional event, and we at AVISA IVF & Fertility Centre recognize the importance of this life-changing journey. Nestled in the heart of Mumbai, our clinic is a light of hope for individuals and couples looking to raise their families. Discover why AVISA is the best ivf center in Mumbai, with an exceptional experience, cutting-edge facilities, and compassionate personalized care.


Understanding IVF: A Revolutionary Solution.


IVF has become the most popular and effective type of assisted reproductive technology, empowering families by resolving a variety of infertility problems. At AVISA, we specialize in using IVF to overcome challenges such as modest sperm abnormalities in men and fallopian tube or ovulation irregularities in women.


IVF Procedure at AVISA:


Ovum Pickup (OPU):

Ovum Pickup (OPU) is the surgical extraction of a woman's eggs to begin the fertility journey. Our trained staff provides a safe and comfortable experience for our patients by using modern procedures to extract eggs with precision.


Fertilisation in the lab:

Fertilisation in the lab involves carefully mixing retrieved eggs with sperm from a partner or donor. This rigorous procedure guarantees the development of a viable and healthy embryo.


Embryo Transfer:

After two to five days of controlled growth, the fertilised egg is surgically transferred back into the woman's uterus. AVISA's skilled staff ensures that this essential phase is completed with the highest precision, maximising the chances of success.


Why Choose AVISA IVF and Fertility Centre?


Leaders in Reproductive Technology:

AVISA is a leader in reproductive technology, using cutting-edge techniques to improve IVF success rates.


Personalized Care for Unique Journeys:

As the best ivf center in Mumbai, AVISA understands that each fertility journey is unique. We provide personalized care, addressing individual concerns and crafting customized treatment plans for the best chance of success.


Exceptional Success Rates:

AVISA's commitment to quality work and cutting-edge technologies has led to exceptional success rates, providing hope to people experiencing infertility.



Choosing a fertility clinic is a significant decision, and Avisa ivf & Fertility Center is honoured to be your guide on this transformative journey. Our dedication to quality, cutting-edge amenities, and individualized treatment makes us the best ivf center in Mumbai.
Contact us at +91 8850071429 to take the next step toward realizing your dream of parenthood. Choose AVISA, your trusted partner in Mumbai's best fertility clinic.


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