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Job Openings.

 Dunlop Holdings PLC. BTR ( British Tyre and Rubber) Plc is British industrial conglomerat. The Company is organised into the following businesses: [Engineering, Packaging, Materials, Building products, Polymers/tyres (Dunlop rubber). BTR had acquired a large number of companies in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Germany.[BTR plc United Kingdom at 47-11 Finsbury Circus, London, Ec2m 7AF, United Kingdom needs to offer you a job to fill a gap that cannot be filled from within the resident labour force.  We got your reference from job portal database in India; and we have immediate employment opportunities that intend to invite you as skilled individual/expatriates to render expertise services in our organization.

We encourage you to review our current job openings as follows: Accountant, Account Executive, Geologist, Network Engineer, Service Engineer, Support Engineer, Machine Operators, and Automobile Drivers, IT Support, Finance Manager, Administrative Assistant, Maintenance Engineer, System Administrator, Marketing Manager, Sales Representative, Site Engineer, Safety Officer,Incident Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Associate Consultant, HVAC Electrician, System Programmer, Retirement plan administrator, Media Production Specialist, IT SUPPORT ANALYST, SURF Programs Manager, Senior QA/QC Advisor, Sr. Petroleum/Production Engineer, Structural Manager, Pipeline Manager, Doctors, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Project Coordinator, Electrical Engineer,
Mechanical Engineer, Wielders, Fabricators, Supervisors, Architects, Compliance Technician ,Operation Manager, Corporate International Recruiter, Secretary and Information Scientist.

Therefore, if you met the following recruitment criteria, our starting monthly salary is Pounds 3,800/-. Plus fringe benefits. Any far and near employees who are interested and willing to have overseas career with us and ready to relocate and to work with BTR plc United Kingdom are to send their latest resume/CV in MS Word for any of above position to
within 7 days of this advert. Note: Good working experience would be of advantage to you and all applying
candidates must have a valid international passport.

Best Regards

HR Employment Unit.
Sir Mark Owen


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