Electronic Technician B

Компанија: Lighting Staffing Agency
Вид на работа: Полно работно време

                                   3 MONTH CONTRACT 
The client is a large-scale logistics repair and engineering company that services the worlds largest telecommunications and cable providers. The client has over 10,000 employees in over 58 US Operations and a global footprint with more than 19,000 employees worldwide.
The Repair Technician is responsible for troubleshooting and repair to a component level to ensure an efficient and timely process for completing repair orders and projects. The Repair Technician will utilize soldering equipment to repair, modify, and change parts on electronic circuit boards.
1st Shift 6:00 - 2:30pm EST
Roles & Responsibilities
Troubleshoot and Repair to component level of electronic circuit boards.
Understand electronic circuits, read sophisticated schematic diagrams, and layout to trace components to perform troubleshooting and repair.
Use test and measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, signal generators and volt meters.
Perform both surface mount and thru-hole soldering techniques.
Handling Hard Drive devices and keeping ESD policy standards.
Maintains satisfactory Quality performance levels.
Maintain a clean, organized workstation.
Other duties as assigned.
Preferred Qualifications
Desirable knowledge and experience in IPC A-610 & IPC-7711
Minimum Qualifications
Proven ability to test and troubleshoot various types of electronic circuit boards.
Experience in board-level and multi-layer board repair of electronics products.
Experience with Set Top Boxes and Gateways Circuits.
Experience with voltmeter and oscilloscope.
Proven track record of experience in soldering with various types of IC packages.
Excellent attention to detail.
Ability to multitask.
Excellent analytical, written verbal communication skills.
Proactive problem-solving ability.
Minimum 2-year Electronics degree, equivalent certification or equivalent job experience in electronics or technical role.
Required Skills
Set Top Box
Work Authorization
Green Card
US Citizen


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